Wales' Pioneering Video Game Orchestra

Hi there!

We're the National Video Game Orchestra of Wales. Established in 2018, we are Wales' pioneering video game orchestra, championing music from classic games, modern indie releases and more.

Working with has been an incredible experience. They played the heck out of the music, and I am so, SO grateful for their hard work.

Tony Manfredonia

Composer of the soundtrack to Kharon's Crypt

Where else can you go from an indie game score ('s Kharon's Crypt), to The Simpsons Hit & Run, to sublime God of War, plus a brilliant Zelda medley!

We Love Game Music

An online community of video game music fans

Saw perform last night and it was brilliant! So nostalgic to hear tunes from Skyrim and Monster Hunter!

Cai Jones

Composer and Guitarist

One of the best experiences I've ever had playing with this orchestra!

Ben Angrove

Double Bassist in the NVGoW

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